Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fun with knits and knitting

Hi there! I made a few things.

This is another Colette Moneta, with a whole story to go with it. I bought a very nice heavyweight mustard ponte at Fabricland, tried on my previous Moneta to make sure it still fit properly, cut fabric, and sewed up the top. And it was way too small! And too small everywhere - I almost couldn't get my arms in the sleeves. Turns out this fabric had almost no stretch, and apparently that matters. :) So, re-bought the fabric, re-cut the next size up, and sewed the whole thing up. And then it was far too big. Because the fabric I'd bought the second time around wasn't exactly the same as the first fabric and had far more stretch. 

So I unpicked the skirt and took in the side seams. It's a little misfitted, but it's just fine. Nice to wear, too. (My camera is slowly dying, and won't show the screen with the timer anymore, so it's mirror photos for me. I'll never be a real blogger.)
I finished my cardigan, too.

It was really fun to knit. I think I enjoy the knitting more when it's something more than just the same stitch all the way through. I taught myself all sorts of things too - seaming, cables, creating a button band. I also learned that sizing is just as important with knitting as it is with sewing, alas.

I picked the size based on my bust measurement, but it's too big in the shoulders, so I need to pick my upper bust size and learn to do the knitting equivalent of a FBA. It's also a little long, as I should have anticipated. But I'm pretty pleased.

I also knit a scarf and a hat as gifts, but forgot to take photos. Of course.

Bonus photo: the dress I'm wearing in the photos above (not made by me!)


  1. Really cool clothes,Rachel.The knitted cardigan is so cute. And I love both your dresses.

  2. That was me writing but came up as Phil..Sheila

  3. You reminded me that I want to make myself some dresses for summer. Yours are cute!

  4. You are adorable with the cardigan and dot dress combination on you. The shapes and colors are just right for you.

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